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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Daily Meditation Practice

  • Time. I used to feel like I didn’t have time for anything, like time was continually slipping away and I was running to keep up with all the items I had to check off my to-do list. I still have the same amount of responsibilities in my life, but now I experience a lot more space around these responsibilities. Time seems to be elastic, rather than fixed. And although I’m taking at least 10 minutes a day to sit in stillness, somehow I seem to have more time to do the things I need to do and, more importantly, the things I want to do.
  • Inner Peace. A funny thing started to happen after I’d been meditating for awhile. I started sweating the small stuff less. For example, I live in New Jersey and have struggled my entire adult life with road rage. The moment I get in the car I’m “horn happy.” I won’t claim to be a saint now, but I will say that my tolerance for sitting behind someone who has stopped at a green light has increased ten-fold. I no longer take their absent-mindedness as a personal affront, but recognize that they may be having a bad day. Nowadays when I find my stress levels rising, I remind myself that “we are all one.”
  • Perspective. We all struggle. We all have stressful aspects to our lives that aren’t going as well as we wish they would. Meditation has given me the perspective to recognize that my problems are only as big or as small as I make them. I have the power to change my perspective. I have the power to decide if a problem is going to ruin my day.
  • Positivity. Before I started meditating, I was often at the mercy of my mind. Human beings have a tendency to over-focus on the negative and I was no exception. Since I’ve started meditating, I’ve become more aware of my negative thoughts. When you notice a negative thought before it takes hold, you can easily replace it with a more positive thought. One of my favorite sayings is: “You don’t have to believe everything you think.” Meditation has given me the power to choose more positive thoughts and that is an invaluable gift.

Luminosity Meditation

STEP ONE: Imagine yourself standing under a multihued glistening light shower and visualise your light body and let the rainbow light in. Take about five deep breaths, and draw from the large (imaginary) shower head, rays of light. As you inhale keep yourself in the centre of this circle of light. See magnificent rays of light coming from the top circle and entering your body at all points, centralising itself at your solar plexus. If comfortable you can hold your breath for a few moments, focusing at this central point of your body; the solar plexus- then slowly exhale. As you do this, mentally see imaginary rays, or sprays, of rainbow light going up through the body, and down and out through feet. Mentally spray your entire body with this imaginary multitude of colourful light.

STEP TWO: Practice the multi-coloured light waves spreading from the being and extending all the way to the front and touching the souls all around, Let the consciousness elevate their sadness and bring them to joy, help dissipate worry into relaxation, create relief and contentment.

STEP THREE: When ever we feel stressed, let go of all the negative feeling in the form of dark coloured light rays; like brown or black and greys.and pour it out from the imaginary holes in the fingers and toes. With our souls’ inner eye, imagine the darkness leave the body through the toes and fingers… (its highly effective to combined this meditation while taking an actual shower).

STEP FOUR: Fill the hollow incorporeal body with beautiful lilac / golden glittering ray; Rays of white, pink, orange, golden, blue, yellow, silver and more.

The benefits of doing this meditation are astounding. It is an instant “Feel Good” or “Revitaliser”. It is an essential tool to help us jump inward Nodes. This practical impressive method commences to raise vibrations, we feel great immediately! Not only that but our feeling of joy will be contagious, as we will be able to influence, how others feel around us as well! Amazing hey!

Meditation Techniques

It is not easy for any beginner to perform advance techniques, as advanced meditation is quite complicated and long. It requires people who are having superior meditation abilities to be able to attain a unification with the universal energy and the powerful spiritual bliss, which begins to flow from them and spread onto the other people.

Meditation practices meant for beginners help you to clear your mind of thoughts. It also helps you to get rid of the stress and woes of your day to day life. As you move ahead towards the advanced meditation stages you will have to use your experience to resolve any stresses and issues in an active manner. The advanced techniques train you in setting aside the conscious mind and move ahead.

Deep meditation creates the route for the internal subconscious mind to get ahead and the brainwaves are restricted to less than the normal sleeping limits. This process is not at all easy and you should be prepared mentally to begin implementing these advanced techniques.

It is very important to be able to remain focused and prepared for a long session where you are not allowed to dose off.

If you wish to get better clarity on advanced meditation, you should relate your brain to an onion where all the layers are formed during the course of your life, beginning from the time of birth.

Just like an onion, our brain too has various layers. The internal core of the onion is similar to our instinctual and primary segments of your brain and they make us aware of our thirst, sleep requirements, hunger, process of swallowing and blinking. These sections are also related to virtuous and pure.

This layer is followed by the childhood brain which stores the mastered behaviour patterns and life experiences. Often this section is full of clutter and problems which does not let them view life in the proper aspects. In fact these people do not even know about the true perspective of life.

This particular area makes us work very hard and you need to really struggle to focus on this area. Advance meditation stresses on this area effectively. You can compare the external layers of the onions to the adult brain. The outer skin can be compared to the conscious mind which is always cluttered with numerous stresses and thoughts. You need to tend to each layer carefully and the advanced meditation techniques are ideal for holistic healing.

Relaxation Response

To bring out the physiological benefit of your own response, follow these two easy steps:

  1. Concentrate on a word or group of words that matters to you and has a positive effect such as love, hope and peace.
  2. When negative thoughts start to enter your mind, disregard then and then continue to concentrate as what you are doing in step 1.

It is very normal that some thoughts will just enter your mind which will make you wander. Allow those unnecessary thought which brings you to step number 2 – letting go. You will need to let go of those thoughts as with letting go of worries and doubts. This is actually a healing effect of relaxation – surrendering your negative feelings like worries, doubts and tensions to get the healing benefit of your own response.

Practicing relaxation response daily will provide best results. A 10 to 15-minute session for once or twice daily will already provide the maximum benefit.

There are some techniques that we may consider in doing finding our response such as:

  • Focusing – A word, phrase or a prayer.
  • Sitting quietly and comfortably
  • Closing your eyes
  • Relaxing your muscles, and feel the progress going to other parts of your body.
  • Breathing naturally and slowly while focusing on the word
  • Assuming a positive attitude letting go of the negative thoughts
  • Continue for 20 minutes
  • Continue to sit until thoughts return to normal phase
  • Do this daily during breakfast or dinner

Frequent practice of relaxation response is proven to treat stress-related disorders. It can also provide cure for other known diseases. Other techniques for relaxation response are the following:

  • Imagery. Creating mental pictures and focusing on it will create relaxation response.
  • Breathing focus. Focusing on breathing can give relaxation response.
  • Constant physical activities such as running, walking or swimming. Focus on a word while doing these activities.
  • Meditation. Mindful meditation is the key. This is done by observing things carefully. Notice every action that you do or everything that you see.
  • Prayer. This elicits relaxation response.
  • Muscle relaxation. This is done by alternately tensing and loosening muscles from head to toe. This can provide beneficial effects of relaxation response.