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About Meditation of Frustration

I would make an attempt but walk away restless, confused, agitated, and tense beyond belief! Now what usually happens when you attempt something and fail to meet any expectations you’ve laid out? Well you might push forward (spurred by your devotion to succeed), or you’ll more than likely step away before you embarrass yourself anymore than you already have.

It didn’t matter how many books, articles, podcasts, etc. I exposed myself to in order to find that “missing” piece to a puzzle that was driving me up a wall – I still seemed to run into the same issues. That is until a friend directed me to binaural beats. A series of tonal repetitions that cajole one’s mind noodle into a serene and relaxed state. I.e. one cannot help but meditate while listening to those rhythms.

Couple that with some headphones, a blindfold, a comfortable position (lying down or sitting), some privacy, and you’ll be off to the races before you know it. But why? Well one needs to remove themselves from their daily rituals (like attending a coffee shop filled with chattering people) in order to temporarily sever ties with this turd we call reality.

But life is wonderful and beautiful, so why would I want to waste my time sitting around my head space when I could be dining on the latest Franken-food while watching my favorite NFL team crush their rivals? True, although meditating can actually increase your appreciation of life and all of its wonders by causing you to literally stop to smell the flowers.

Go inside for a bit and explore what you are you made of. But I’m scared of the dark! Fear not because the shadow holds the keys to unlocking your inner potential. Besides, you can always flip the switch to your right if you want a little light to accompany you along the way. It is your body. It is your temple. It is your choice. So relax and enjoy the process for it need not be frustrating.