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ओम का जाप और ध्यान के फायदे – Benefits Aum Mantra Chanting Meditation

Relax your Mind, Body and Soul. SLEEP MEDITATION -by Om. (Relaxing Ambient Sounds for relaxation and sleep)Meditation Music, Background Music, Relaxation Music. Nature Sound. Nature Sounds Music for Meditation visit us on Discover A Lot More

3 Myths About Mindfulness Meditation That Keep People From Its True Benefits

Before trying mindfulness, know what you're getting into. Hougaard is co-author of the book One Second Ahead: Enhance Your Performance at Work with Mindfulness, as well as a highly-regarded mindfulness teacher ( In this video, Discover A Lot More

David Lynch explains Consciousness, Creativity and benefits of Transcendental Meditation (TM)

One of the greatest American filmmakers, television director, visual artist and musician is David Lynch. Lynch is an advocate of the use of Transcendental Meditation (TM) in bringing peace to the world. His passion to help students learn the TM Discover A Lot More