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Lesson 7b ~ GUIDED MEDITATION: Chakra Healing ~ Beginners Meditation Course

Please enjoy this guided meditation for doing chakra healing, chakra balancing and chakra re-tuning. This is a great meditation technique for beginners and helps us to re-connect to our divine energy centres. For more free teachings - Discover A Lot More

Wake Up From the Matrix Meditation – David Hoffmeister A Course in Miracles This is a beautiful reading from one of David Hoffmeister's classic books, "Awakening Through A Course in Miracles". Enjoy these deep teachings about how to let go of the world of fear based illusion into the Truth Discover A Lot More

10 Minute Meditation Course on Miracles For Work, Business, Study, and Exams l Think and Grow Rich

10 Minute Meditation Course on Miracles For Work and Business l Words From Think and Grow Rich. Listen to Napoleon Hill's inspiring words from his famed work Think and Grow Rich. As this 10 Minute Guided Meditation relaxes and calms the mind for Discover A Lot More