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Portals to Liberation – Gabriel Cousens – Enlightenment Teachings – 2012 Gathering Spiritual Talk

Portals to Liberation - Enlightenment Teachings - Gabriel Cousens גבריאל קאזנס Spiritual Talk at the Dec 2012 Dead Sea Gathering, Israel Portals to Liberation - Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H),DD A Discover A Lot More

[Spiritual Teachings of Baha’i] The Promulgation of Universal Peace, Vol I, Part 1 (Audiobook)

The introduction part of this book last till 28:28 mark and the main text start at 28:30 mark. This is a collection of lectures given by Abdu’l-Bahá ‘Abbás. [Spiritual Teachings of Baha'i] The Promulgation of Universal Peace, Vol I, Part 1, Discover A Lot More

Eckhart Tolle – Hogyan hallgassunk spirituális tanításokat? How To Listen To Spiritual Teachings?

A video jobb alsó sarkában lévő fogaskerék ikonra kattintva MAGYAR FELIRAT kapcsolható be. Spirituális tanításokat hallgatva ráismerünk arra az igazságra, ami már bennünk is megvolt. "Eckhart Tolle talks about what Plato called anamnesis, that Discover A Lot More

Higher Self Examines “What is Reality” & “What is Truth” Spiritual Teachings

What is Reality? What is Truth? Truth and Reality are 2 of the most common words used in spirituality. What are the Enlightened Ones teaching us? What are the false teachings and misunderstandings? Let the Higher Self channeled consciousness Discover A Lot More

Contradictions in Spirituality, Contradictory Spiritual Teachings & Paradox

Subscribe to Christine Breese videos at Christine Breese, Facebook info below: friend Christine and join her Groups Christine Breese is the founder of University of Metaphysical Discover A Lot More