Drawing Supplies Kit & December Giveaway (ENDED)

This giveaway has ended but the video is full of information about different drawing supplies!
A basic beginning drawing kit and what each tool is used for.
Ask for these at your local art supply store. Don’t have to be these exact brands. I have provided some links below for your convenience.(coming soon! Needed to get this posted today before I go to dinner.)
: )

Vine Charcoal – Painters can use this for laying in lines before painting. Can be “fixed” to canvas with some turpentine or oil painting medium.
Willow Charcoal – good for quick sketching, laying out initial ideas. Erases very easily.
Compressed Charcoal – (I have Prismacolor here.) Can be broken into pieces to create large areas of shading. Can make a rich dark black.
Charcoal Pencil – sharpen to use for fine details
Strathmore Drawing Pad 11″ x 14″ good quality paper that can take layers of charcoal and multiple erasing, has a light texture that holds charcoal
Alvin Vinyl Mesh zipper pouch 12″ x 16″ – Fits all the stuff for carrying materials. http://goo.gl/cHYoOL
Kneaded Eraser – lifts charcoal without damaging paper and without rubbing. Can be kneaded like putty to reveal clean surface.
Pink eraser – Good strong eraser. Can create additional textures
Art gum eraser – Erases cleanly and less likely to damage paper than the pink pearl.

Let me know if you want me to make any youtube videos showing how you might use these supplies!

If you’d like to enter to win this kit simply:

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