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Glow of Self Awareness

A timeless concept

Meditation is said to have been first mentioned in the Vedas in 1500 BCE. It has been mentioned numerous times in great detail in all schools of philosophy – from Tao to African culture.

Why is this idea so important? Think of meditation as a cleaning process. By focusing and getting rid of mind clutter, you’re smoothening out your life force and creating a strong balance between all the energies. Alertness and self awareness will cause your body to grow without being stunted by external hurdles. Refined mental peace is the fundamental reason why positive, calm people are more likely to be healthy and successful than distressed people.

Of course, every mind is different and while everyone is capable of self alertness, a person should look for a technique that best suits their state of mind.

Point source meditation

This method involves focusing on a single point, single mantra, your own breath or single image. You must not allow your mind to think about anything except that point. If you’re focusing on a flame, you must reflect on the appearance of the flame and be aware of it, and avoid any unnecessary thoughts. It is effective if a person does this ten minutes every day, but for better results, you must try to increase your
concentration span periodically.

Wandering meditation

This method is for the abstract minded. Instead of an external source or word, simply watch the thoughts that pass through your head. The key is to not think too deeply about these thoughts or shift to memories. Do not judge these thoughts. Simply watch them.

Having a detached view of your own thoughts is a remarkably effective way to develop self alertness.

Void meditation

This is a rather challenging form of meditation, but once you’ve mastered point source meditation, it is a good idea to advance to void meditation.

Void meditation requires you to keep your mind blank- create a vast nothingness in your mind. The only thought you must have is the awareness that your mind is empty. This prominently reduces the clutter of the mind and is super effective for the anxious.

Action meditation

For the fitness freaks, focusing on your body movements is also a meditation technique (this is essentially yoga!). Action meditation also includes focusing on music or beats, or any complex dynamic in your environment.