“Guided meditation sleep” | Release negativity before sleep at bedtime

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Let it go. Free guided meditation for releasing negative thoughts before sleep. Go to bed with a clear mind as you are guided through a process of detachment of negativity. This mindful guided sleep meditation will help ease you into a restful and relaxing sleep whilst instilling positivity at the same time. No need for any breathing exercises if you don’t want to as the natural visualization in your mind will take over. Please subscribe if you like this experience.
Need sleep but thoughts getting in the way, use this guided mediation to let it go. working much the same way letting go quotes or affirmations may work. The more you listen to this track, the easier in letting go will be. so let it go.

Longer version with subliminal affirmations (over an hour): https://youtu.be/DnfV9iokcAI

Script written by: Clare Stephanie
visit her on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CookieClareCAG

Produced, edited and with the voice of me, Christian Thomas

visit my facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/MeditationVacation

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All my guided meditation tracks are crafted around immersing you and relaxing you deeply so you can meditate and even sleep. Insomnia is a real problem and depression needs a clear mind to make decisions and have positivity. These guided meditation audio tracks can be used to calm nerves, anxiety, depression, insomnia, sleep problems, positivity, making decisions, relaxation, luicd dreaming, meditation, healing and generally relax you and clear any negative thoughts. please enjoy these uplifting guided meditations and if you do please consider subscribing, many thanks, Christian.

script, produced and voiced by christian thomas
kevin macleod
attribution 3.0 by

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