Incredibly Relaxing Meditation Music – One Hour

This relaxing meditation music is called “Untold Depths” and it’s one of Christopher Lloyd Clarke’s best selling albums.

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This music is also available from The Guided Meditation Site and iTunes:

IMPORTANT: This is brainwave entrainment music and it contains delta frequencies. It was was designed to be experienced at a very quiet volume with your eyes closed. Playing it too loudly or playing it while trying to focus on other tasks can give some people a bit of a headache. Put your other tasks aside and listen quietly. This soothing but powerful music will encourage your mind to let go of concentrated thinking and open up to a world of inner exploration and deep insight. It is wonderful background music for meditation, sleep or hypnosis and can lead to feelings of extraordinary peacefulness. Relax and go with it…

Come back and listen at length any time you want to relax, meditate or if you’d like some music for sleep.

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