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Meditate for Improved Productivity

– Mindfulness meditation can improve your multitasking skills

– Learn to work fast without raising your stress levels

Most of us experience situations in our private or professional lives where the to-do-list seems to be overwhelming and almost never-ending. Finding a way to deal with all tasks effectively and preferably at the same time can be challenging and causes some of us to struggle more than others.

Meditation training can enable you to deal with those kinds of situations better in that they don’t represent as much of a strain anymore. It has been found in a study on multitasking that after an eight week long meditation training, the ability to stay on task for a long period of time had already improved and people were less easily distracted. Participants with meditation experience switched between the tasks less often, but completed the overall workload just as fast. This way of approaching multitasking led to reduced stress (relative to non-meditators) and also allowed participants to memorize the tasks they were performing better.

Mindfulness meditation is a tool that allows you to train your mind: Just like you go to the gym to exercise your body, you can practice meditation to to exercise your mind. Over time you will notice changes in your abilities and even thinking patterns. Day-dreaming, rumination and worrying can be reduced through regular practice, and this effect is beneficial especially during multitasking. For example, worries about not getting everything done in time can be justified and sometimes seem to recur although they slow down your progress. Learn to focus your mind on what matters in the present through mindfulness meditation practice. At the same time you can work on extending your attention span by a little more every time you practice. All of those effects are beneficial in situations that challenge your mind at various levels.