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Meditation Bowls

Imagine what comes to mind when you hear the word gong. Most people automatically think of a large hanging piece of metal that is struck with a mallet to make a loud sound. This is one type, but many people are unaware that there is another type known as a singing bowl. They are also known as Tibetan bowls, meditation bowls, or singing crystal bowls. Each bowl plays a different musical note that is said to promote physical and emotional healing.

Singing bowls have been used for meditation for centuries by monks and other spiritual gurus. Originally meditation was considered something that is just not meant for modern people, but today, it is becoming more and more popular with people everywhere. Now, there are even Doctors who choose to treat their patients’ physical ailments with musical notes.

Each of these notes correspond energy fields in the body known as chakras. Singing bowls are used to clear out blockages in the energy flow, leaving you in a more calm and peaceful state.

The bowls that plays the musical note “C” heals the root chakra. On a physical level this can help people who have problems with their feet or legs. It also increases physical activity. It can help people who have depression and alleviate suicidal thoughts and the presence of fear.

Musical note “D” activates the Sacral chakra. This can help couples who are having trouble conceiving or any other physical ailment of the reproductive system of men or women. Emotionally, it helps with recovery of a sexual trauma or discovering sexual identity.

The Solar plexus chakra is in tune with the “E” note. If you have digestive issues or are in need of help with weight management, this is the bowl you would use. It also helps with emotional outbursts and anxiety disorders.

Musical note “F” comes in handy for the heart chakra. This can heal and prevent heart complications, circulatory or lung problems. Emotionally it helps you balance the giving and receiving of love. It is common to have a blockage in your heart that blocks off love, or on the opposite end causes you to give too much love.

The throat chakra is connected to musical note “G” and this corrects or prevents throat cancer, thyroid issues, and difficulties with speaking and communication. It opens up creativity with non-verbal communication, for example, writing, music, painting, or dance.

Musical note “A” stimulates the third eye chakra and this can be very helpful to students. It stimulates the brain. It also helps with the penal and pituitary glands and mental illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Emotionally, it helps to bring awareness and intuition to that which is unseen.

The final musical note is “B” and this is connected to the “crown chakra”. This keeps you spiritually connected to your higher power, what ever that may be. This can be anything from the angelic realm, or a God of your choice, OR just being connected to nature.

Isn’t it time to leave the old you behind and try something that is spiritually enlightening? Once you have set an intention to heal yourself with meditation and energy clearing; you are ready to purchase your meditation singing bowl. It is important to choose a meditation bowl that plays the note that corresponds to an area of the body that feels blocked or has suffered disease. Some people choose what they feel drawn to and others have a certain note in mind. No matter what you choose it is likely the experience of meditating with a meditation singing bowl will reduce your stress and enhance the quality of your life!