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Meditation Techniques

It is not easy for any beginner to perform advance techniques, as advanced meditation is quite complicated and long. It requires people who are having superior meditation abilities to be able to attain a unification with the universal energy and the powerful spiritual bliss, which begins to flow from them and spread onto the other people.

Meditation practices meant for beginners help you to clear your mind of thoughts. It also helps you to get rid of the stress and woes of your day to day life. As you move ahead towards the advanced meditation stages you will have to use your experience to resolve any stresses and issues in an active manner. The advanced techniques train you in setting aside the conscious mind and move ahead.

Deep meditation creates the route for the internal subconscious mind to get ahead and the brainwaves are restricted to less than the normal sleeping limits. This process is not at all easy and you should be prepared mentally to begin implementing these advanced techniques.

It is very important to be able to remain focused and prepared for a long session where you are not allowed to dose off.

If you wish to get better clarity on advanced meditation, you should relate your brain to an onion where all the layers are formed during the course of your life, beginning from the time of birth.

Just like an onion, our brain too has various layers. The internal core of the onion is similar to our instinctual and primary segments of your brain and they make us aware of our thirst, sleep requirements, hunger, process of swallowing and blinking. These sections are also related to virtuous and pure.

This layer is followed by the childhood brain which stores the mastered behaviour patterns and life experiences. Often this section is full of clutter and problems which does not let them view life in the proper aspects. In fact these people do not even know about the true perspective of life.

This particular area makes us work very hard and you need to really struggle to focus on this area. Advance meditation stresses on this area effectively. You can compare the external layers of the onions to the adult brain. The outer skin can be compared to the conscious mind which is always cluttered with numerous stresses and thoughts. You need to tend to each layer carefully and the advanced meditation techniques are ideal for holistic healing.