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Reduce Stress With Music

Music Therapy with Biofeedback

Today, many people are making use of music therapy in combination with biofeedback techniques to relieve stress. Music has the ability to reduce tension as well as facilitate the relaxation response. With this, music can help identify and express those feelings which are associated with their stress.

During the music therapy session, the client is able to express those emotions. As a result, it provides an important cathartic release. But music can also have dramatic effects and thus, a trained and knowledgeable music therapist is required during the session. Also, producing music in an improvisational way and discussing pieces of music in a group is also one way to help us become more aware of our emotional reactions and share them constructively with the group.

Playing Appropriate Music While Meditating

Music also plays an important role for some meditation practitioners. By playing an appropriate music during meditation, it can help the mind slow down and gets you into the relaxation stage. But be aware that not all peaceful music will work for everyone. It can be irritating for some if the music being played has no structure. The ideal one is a gentle music with a familiar melody as it has a comforting effect. Some incorporates the sounds of nature such as the sound of water or birdsong into their meditation session as it can help conjure up calming images and release stressful thoughts. But since music is relative from person to person, try to search around in order to find what produces a sense of calm and centeredness for you as an individual.

Sleep Music as a Stress Reliever

We all know that one effective way to lessen stress is to have a good night sleep. Today, there is a specific type of music available on record stores as well as on the internet to help you sleep. They call it sleep music. It is deeply relaxing and helps you ease yourself out from any repetitive stress patterns occurring in your mind. By listening to it, you are able to shift your focus to a calm and relaxed state. You can listen to the sleep music with you headphones on and as you lie down comfortably, you will not notice that you have already fallen asleep.