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Relaxation Response

To bring out the physiological benefit of your own response, follow these two easy steps:

  1. Concentrate on a word or group of words that matters to you and has a positive effect such as love, hope and peace.
  2. When negative thoughts start to enter your mind, disregard then and then continue to concentrate as what you are doing in step 1.

It is very normal that some thoughts will just enter your mind which will make you wander. Allow those unnecessary thought which brings you to step number 2 – letting go. You will need to let go of those thoughts as with letting go of worries and doubts. This is actually a healing effect of relaxation – surrendering your negative feelings like worries, doubts and tensions to get the healing benefit of your own response.

Practicing relaxation response daily will provide best results. A 10 to 15-minute session for once or twice daily will already provide the maximum benefit.

There are some techniques that we may consider in doing finding our response such as:

  • Focusing – A word, phrase or a prayer.
  • Sitting quietly and comfortably
  • Closing your eyes
  • Relaxing your muscles, and feel the progress going to other parts of your body.
  • Breathing naturally and slowly while focusing on the word
  • Assuming a positive attitude letting go of the negative thoughts
  • Continue for 20 minutes
  • Continue to sit until thoughts return to normal phase
  • Do this daily during breakfast or dinner

Frequent practice of relaxation response is proven to treat stress-related disorders. It can also provide cure for other known diseases. Other techniques for relaxation response are the following:

  • Imagery. Creating mental pictures and focusing on it will create relaxation response.
  • Breathing focus. Focusing on breathing can give relaxation response.
  • Constant physical activities such as running, walking or swimming. Focus on a word while doing these activities.
  • Meditation. Mindful meditation is the key. This is done by observing things carefully. Notice every action that you do or everything that you see.
  • Prayer. This elicits relaxation response.
  • Muscle relaxation. This is done by alternately tensing and loosening muscles from head to toe. This can provide beneficial effects of relaxation response.