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☾ ANXIETY TALKDOWN ☽ Guided Meditation: Dragon Breathing & Mindfulness

Subscribe for guided meditations and relaxing sounds made with lots of love: http://bit.ly/1r2wSYm You might also enjoy my uplifting novels: https://www.amazon.com/author/cmrayne A guided meditation that will help you release anxiety. We will learn Discover A Lot More

Top 4 Breathing Exercises in Pranayam Yoga Meditation for Health | Weight Loss | Stress Reduction

Includes four most effective breathing exercises in pranayam yoga meditation for a ten minute daily routine. 1 - forehead or skull shine breathing (kapabhati) - effective in reducing weight and improves blood circulation - it is an effective body Discover A Lot More

Breathing Technique to Reduce Stress, Nervousness and Anxiety (Pranayama)

http://www.AnandaYoga.org Pranayama Series. Watch next video on Relieving Depression http://youtu.be/3MJSM7W5iUY Gyandev's 2-CD set: Pranayama for Deeper Meditation. http://ananda-boutique.org/Pranayama-for-Deeper-Meditation-2-CD-PYAY.htm Discover A Lot More

30 Minute Guided Meditation: Deep Breathing, Meditation Music, Law of Attraction, Affirmations

30 Minute Guided Meditation: Deep Breathing, Meditation Music - Soothing voice will guide and train your breathing pattern to meditation standard perfection. Never entered the deepest level of meditation before? Try this and you feel the huge difference. Listening: Discover A Lot More

Easy Breathing & Meditation Techniques Part 1 of 4: Softening the Gaze

A four part series of quick, easy meditation & breathing techniques you can use anytime & anywhere to refocus & re-balance your energy. Especially great for meditating in the workplace. Want to learn more? Join instructor Kimberly Braun this summer Discover A Lot More

Pranayama Deep Breathing Music Guide with binaural beats and isochronic tones

◢ We've created this track inspired by the Visamavrtti Pranayama as a daily breathing control exercise. Using binaural beats and isochronic tones with frequencies of 12Hz and 220Hz, they are associated with the lungs that with effects to breathing Discover A Lot More

Deep Breathing Technique for Anxiety and Stress Relief: Breathe out Tension

Welcome! Hope you can subscribe to my channel for weekly guided relaxations and meditations. Breathing exercises have been found to be effective in the management of anxiety, depression, muscle tension, headaches and fatigue...among many other health Discover A Lot More