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Mind Meditation Massage – A guided meditation for Healing, Calm, Wisdom and Anxiety Release

Download this track on itunes here: https://goo.gl/ENuKPZ And for all of our other quality meditations and kids stories please go to : https://goo.gl/GZgOJz © SLEEPEZY TONIGHT All rights reserved 2015. Any reproduction or republication of all or Discover A Lot More

Yoga Nidra – Guided Meditation & Relaxation – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Yoga Nidra guided relaxation, instantly recharges and brings an incredible quietness and clarity within you. Yoga Nidra in Sanskrit means Yogic sleep. The rest that you get through this power nap is much more powerful than sleep because the relaxation Discover A Lot More

Guided Meditation ★ Manifest MONEY NOW ★ Affirmations for Spiritual Success and Abundance

Manifest MONEY NOW is a POWERFUL guided meditation for you who are SERIOUS about wanting to EFFORTLESSLY manifest MONEY NOW, by alligning your body, mind and soul. Create new nevrological patterns that supports money manifestation and abundance. Discover A Lot More

Sri Moola Ramo Vijayathe Guided Meditation – Mohini’s EFFORTLESS CREATION Seminar (2011,Singapore)

www.shreemarakara.wordpress.com This video highlight is from Mohini's SOUNDS FOR A 200% LIFE Seminar featuring the latest Dr Pillai (Baba) teachings for the coming Golden Age (2012) and beyond. Mohini's seminar was on 11 June 2011, Singapore. In Discover A Lot More

Guided Meditation and Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Update 12/2015: New Meditations (Sleep Meditation as well) with much better quality audio at www.freebirdmeditations.com. https://www.facebook.com/freebirdmedi... Brand New... please like and share! Happy Meditating! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Discover A Lot More

☾ ANXIETY TALKDOWN ☽ Guided Meditation: Dragon Breathing & Mindfulness

Subscribe for guided meditations and relaxing sounds made with lots of love: http://bit.ly/1r2wSYm You might also enjoy my uplifting novels: https://www.amazon.com/author/cmrayne A guided meditation that will help you release anxiety. We will learn Discover A Lot More

GUIDED Meditation and Sleep Hypnosis with Michelle: Embrace Your BEST SELF

If this video has helped you, I would love to know! Please like, subscribe and share it with anyone else that may benefit. This guided sleep meditation with bring you to a tranquil state, helping you follow a path towards personal acceptance and Discover A Lot More

Easy and Fast Total Relaxation: 5 Minute Guided Meditation

Subscribe for guided meditations and relaxing sounds made with lots of love: http://bit.ly/1r2wSYm A guided meditation for when you don't have a lot of time, but you still want to pause a bit and relax your body and mind. Enjoy ♥ Blog: http://themiracleforest.com/ ☮ Discover A Lot More

Dream Creation, Healing Sleep Guided Meditation for perfect dreams, Sleep Dreaming, Lucid Dreams

♫ MP3 Download here: https://goo.gl/q7elHK A Calm Relaxing mediation to visualise your dreams and achieve deep, relaxing sleep. © SLEEPEZY TONIGHT All rights reserved 2016. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio Discover A Lot More